Yamaha QY70 light modification

This article is not the ultimate solution to illuminate your QY70 display. I hope to find a better kind of LED for a more equal lightning of the display. Feel free to experiment and provide feedback to make it the ulitimate solution!

The photos will show the process of placing the LED in the QY70. Please note there is not yet a description where to tap the 3 volt.

(Click the thumbnail for more details and the picture for a larger screenshot.)

Proof of Concept

This article is only a proof of concept. An experiment to proof internal light is possible, but much more research is needed before I can present this article as a proper modification manual.

Any modification to your QY70 is for your own risk. I can't be held responsible for any damage.

Please let me know if others kind of LED will increase the visibility.

LED type SE-5OS-4080WC

The characteristics of the used LED can be downloaded here.

Yamaha QY70

Information about the QY70 can be found on Yamaha website